Listening to LGBTIQ Young People

In South Australia, a limited number of groups and organisations, sometimes led by young people, provide safe places for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) young people to access support, connect with others and express their views.

In 2018, we have teamed up with the Youth Affairs Council of South Australia to support our conversations with LGBTIQ young people and the organisations that work with them. From these conversations we will publish a report that will inform the 'state of play' for LGBTIQ young people in South Australia. It will identify what is working well and what else might be needed. We will also use feedback to strengthen young people's voices in 'The Way Forward' consultation.

Informing Engagement Design

We want to make sure LGBTIQ young people are engaged in a safe, inclusive and meaningful way so we’re seeking the advice of LGBTIQ young people themselves, or those organisations and groups that support them, to inform our engagement process.

Part 1

The first information session about our commitment to engage further, and the first opportunity for service providers or support groups to give their advice on the engagement process, was held with representatives from the Queer Youth Network (QYN) on 4 December 2017. The Queer Youth Network (QYN) is a network of professionals, organisations, groups and queer community members who provide services to support queer young people in South Australia. The QYN exists to facilitate collaboration, drive consistent best practice of queer youth service provision and be a representative voice for advocacy and development of the sector.

Part 2

We will seek to further engage with young people that might identify as LGBTIQ or support this community in early 2018. Stay tuned for further information about this opportunity.

For more information about this consultation, contact Katriona Kinsella on (08) 8413 8178 or email

More information about the Department of Human Services' (DHS) support for LGBTIQ communities can be found on the DHS website.