Development of a Youth Safety Strategy

The Youth Safety Strategy is included in the 2017 Youth Strategy youTHRIVE. The aim of the Strategy is keep young people safe from relationship, family and sexual violence. It complements the South Australian Government's A Right to Safety, the next phase of the Women's Safety Strategy.

In late 2016 and early 2017, the Office for Youth hosted three stakeholder workshops to explore the interrelated issues of homelessness and relationship, family and sexual violence. About 80 representatives from youth, domestic violence and mainstream service sectors attended across the workshop series and contributed to the early development of the South Australian Youth Safety Strategy.

The Youth Safety Strategy will focus on addressing the issues for young people who may experience or engage in relationship, family or sexual violence. The Youth Safety Strategy will be a template for action, to better recognise and respond to the particular needs of young people.

Update December 2017:  The draft Youth Safety Strategy engagement is open through the YourSAy website.

You are invited to comment on the draft Youth Safety Strategy.

This includes non-government service providers such as youth services, specialist homelessness services, domestic and Aboriginal family violence services, as well as the general public and young people.

We ask that you consider the following questions:

  • Is there anything missing from the Strategy that you believe is important?
  • What should our priorities be for implementation of the strategy?
  • What will be important for achieving these priorities?

Your feedback will be taken into consideration by the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion in finalising the Youth Safety Strategy and informing the implementation of recommendations.